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Why Infotantra

We help kids develop liking for the field in fun manner so that their careers are shaped by the same.

Are you one of those growing line of enthusiasts who has been smitten by the electronic bug?


Does Robotics, Electronics, Making appeal to you, but you are hampered by your lack of initiation to the subjects?


In short, if your question is “How to learn robotics” and “What is technology?”, then the answer is Infotantra.

We are open to admissions with the following courses

Here is what people talk about us


The training has benefited to my child alot. He is confident with the basic concepts about Robotics he learnt at Infotantra which is also helpful in learning physics. Proper help and directions in practical sessions have made the sessions more interesting. As a parent I am happy with the training because it developed the interest in subject in my child

Mr. Suhas Khadke ( Father of Anshul Khadke )
8th Grade(12 years)

I am very much satisfied with the Robotics class my child has taken from INFOTANTRA. Its really great to see my child understanding the electronics and sensors, swihtches so that he keeps repairing his own toys

Mr. Abbasuddin Yusufi ( Father of Amaan Yusufi )
9th Grade (13 years)

The technical knowledge provided was worth useful. I find it very interesting and I got to know many about robotics. It is as simple as you learn and to practice up with those stuff on microcontroller boards

Shravani Nandurkar
8th Grade (13 years)

Infotantra- where Robotics is fun to learn. A great platform to learn new skills and implement our knowledge practically. I enjoyed alot learning the Pick And place Robot & Obstacle avoider Robot

Humaid Khan
5th grade (10 years)

My experience with INFOTANTRA was amazing. My daughter loved the method of Robotics training and simplified way of teaching.Now she is very definite to join the next advanced level

Mr.Shirish Nandurkar ( Father of Shravani Nandurkar )
8th Garde (12 years)

The chip level laptop and PC repair training was very good. I received the detailed information about the Laptop boards , checking faults and finding the solutions using schematics

Mr. Tanmoy Mondal

I am very much satisfied with the training I have taken from INFOTANTRA wherein I learnt to develop laptop repairing skills in detailed and simpler way

Mr. Sumeet Mahindroo

Infotantra’s Laptop & PC repair training is the best chip level training I have taken. I am capable of troubleshooting and repairing by schematics reading on my own. It has benefited me to confidently repair the devices

Mr. Zafar Ahmed

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